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Why we are told that most of the Penny Auction software sites out there do not work?
You are correct! Contact us and we will tell you why. We cannot provide you the answer here because it is our most kept secret.
How do we know that your software works?
Once you have signed the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), we will provide you a with a live demo so you will believe it for yourself.
Can you help me customize the design of my site?
Yes. Customization Design – If you need to jazz  up the front end to include your company’s logo, colors and theme as well as other multi-media features such as flashes, videos, blog, etc; we are here to serve you. Our service rate is $55 USD per hour. We can also provide you a fixed quote if you can provide us the scope of your design.
Do you provide installation support service?
Yes. Installation Services – We will help you install and setup your penny auction website for you for a fixed fee of $495 USD.
Do you provide customized development / programming services if I need to customize some of the built in features and functions?
Yes. Coding Development – Our software came with all the features and functions that a typical online penny auction website needs. However, there is no such thing as one shoe fits all. So if you need to customize or add on any features or functions, we are here for you. Once again our service rate is $55 USD per hour. We can also provide you a fixed quote if you can provide us the scope of your customized functionality.
Can you train me on how to operate the backend of the website?
Yes. Training – Our penny auction website system is designed so that anyone can learn and operate at ease. However, if you do not have time to learn and would like someone to hold your hand for the first few hours, we are here for you. Our training service rate is also $55 USD per hour.
What about long-term technical support?
Yes. Long-Term Technical Support plans are available.
How much am I paying for the hosting?
Average hosting cost is $29 USD per month depending on the utilization of our resource. You are free to host with any web hosting firm you wish.
How much am I paying for software licensing, maintenance, and support? Is it a flat fee or hourly?
There is no software licensing required, and no maintenance or support that you have to buy. We do offer technical support packages that you can buy to do updates on your website.
How much I am paying for ongoing content changes? Is it a flat fee or hourly?
Our system is easy enough for you to do your own content changes. However, if you are too busy, we can take on this task for a flat rate of $35 USD per hour.
What are your office hours?
Our office hours are from 9AM to 11:30PM.
Is the website portable (i.e. can I move it off of your system)? Who can host the website?
Yes, any company with standard server technology can host your website.
What are the payment methods?
We accept check or money order. No credit card payment over $1,000 USD.
Are you able to put together other alternative payment plans if I decide to purchase a full package that includes installation, hosting, long-term technical support, customized development/programming services, etc.?
Yes, we are very flexible on payment terms.
How easy it is to manage my website each time?
Very easy. Please contact us for a demo.
Who owns the website?


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